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We’ve been where you are

We know just how stressful money can be.
But we also know there’s a better way. And that’s why we started Nook Money.

For more than 20 years Nook Money’s founders, Cat Denney and Amanda Deacon, helped Australians learn about money through their work as financial educators.

Along the way, friends and family often turned to them for guidance about their money decisions and so they listened, chatted through options and helped where they could. And what they realised was that people don’t just need financial help, they need someone they can talk to. Really talk to. Someone they can relate to and trust.

Wanting to help people in a more direct way, they started Nook Money – a mortgage broking business that would support people with the biggest, most important purchase of their lives.

At the heart of Nook Money is the understanding that we’re not just securing finance for our clients. Rather, we are helping them navigate a big and often emotional decision. We are helping them buy a home. Their own little nook in the world. And the foundation of their future.

Cat Denney

Director & Mortgage Broker

Catherine is Nook Money’s chief mortgage broker and the person you’ll chat to when you give us a ring.

Amanda Deacon


As a successful entrepreneur and small business owner, Amanda steers the ship at Nook Money.

Why work with Nook money?

Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re a little bit into the whole life planning thing so we are secret fans of a good old set of values. Why bother you ask? Because it keeps everyone at Nook Money pulling in the same direction. And that means better outcomes for you.

We care

We know that buying a home is a big deal. It can be life changing. And it means the world to our clients.

That’s why we really take the time to get to know you. Sure, we’re razor sharp with the numbers. But it’s more about what you want from life, for your family and for your future that’s important to us.

When we know these pieces of your story, we can provide you with the right mortgage advice and solutions.

We’re clear

Buying a house is as emotional as it is complex. So we are huge believers in making it as clear as possible.

We take time to explain the process in detail. And we’ll gladly cover it multiple times if that’s what you need. We talk to you in easy-to-understand language. There’s no fussy jargon around here.

And we have a range of content and tools to help you learn as much or as little as you want.

We’re committed

There is so much to do when you buy a house so we work hard to find the right loan for you in the most efficient way we can.

You are our priority. We always put your best interests front and centre. And we lighten the load wherever we can by processing things quickly and doing as much of the legwork as we can.

Our commitment is ongoing. We’re here for the long haul. That means we check in annually to make sure you’re still happy and that your loan is still exactly what you need.


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